Thursday, 13 November 2008

Rhapsody - A Moment in Love by Ushna Sardar

Secret thoughts;
Stolen moments;
Compassion and tenderness.
Emotions overflow
Like clouds drifted across the sky.
All I desire,
Keeps climbing higher and higher.
In your arms,
Startling revelations;
Sweet & sensational.
Startling disclosures of sweet secrets
Beyond what we thought.
Kissing passionately.
I can still vividly remember
At that moment;
Your sense of magic
Had brought me closer to you.
Snuggled up close.
Sweet surrender!
I felt and knew
That flowed through those veins.
You whispered, or he voice of an angel spoke to me.
The star travelled in disguise.
Reality locked us in memory banks;
Wishful thinking.
You are thinking of me!
'Cause I could not resist the temptation to be with you.
I’m thinking and missing you massively
In a speechless way!

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

I Love You by Samantha Curtis

All my life, I've searched I've waited,
And I've hoped to find the piece of my heart
That was missing.

But, until that one beautiful summer day,
I found it.
I feel complete and whole because I found you.
My love, my soul and my body is what you are.
And if I were to lose you, there would be me no more.
My heart would be shattered,
My soul would be taken,
And my body would be destroyed.

Without you I would be dead.
And in my mind would be no more thoughts of being on this earth.
I would be no more.
My love for you has taken over me,
And I promise to always be by your side to comfort you,
To hold you and to give you everything
That you've never had.

I Love You!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Without You by Keathan

Time without you
Is the worst part of the day for me.
After you leave and you're out of sight
My heart begins to bleed, eyes begin to cry.
Oh! I just wish you could return; with all of my might

Without you it feels like there's a piece missing of my soul.
Why do I have to wait so long for you to return?
For you are the one who completes me and makes me whole.

Without you darkness surrounds my body
Like a black cloud coming over me;
With a storm just waiting to break through.
Can it be that I cant go on without you?

Without you a single moment feels like an eternity.
If my love for you was a number it would be infinity.
The seconds begin to feel like hours;
The hours begin to feel like days.
Time without you feels like forever, but will I forget about you?
That will I never.

Thursday, 31 July 2008

I Love to See by Sarah Schmidt

I love to see the sunset through the clear blue water.
I love the wind blowing through my hair.
I love the rain to fall as long as it hits me.
I love to wake up and hear the bluebirds sing.
I love the smell of a single sweet pea on a cool spring day,
But what I love the most is the way you say:
"I love you."
The way you make everything feel so sweet,
And the way you smile.
The smile everyone loves to see.
The smile you get when you're blushing.
The smile that takes my heart away.
The smile I can't wait to really see someday.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

I Have Been by Sara Noji

I have been . . .
Devouring fiction,
Nibbling on fantasy,
Swallowing history,
Consuming the knowledge,
Scarfing down on each word.

Copyright © 2008 (Sara Noji)

Friday, 25 July 2008

I Saw an Angel by Terence Patrick Mac Dougall

I saw an Angel dancing high above the clouds.
I saw her skip and twist and turn like a ballerina renowned.
She turned and looked upon me while I was wiping tears
And saw my broken heart and heard my lonely fears.
She quickly opened her wings and swept down beside my knee
And held me in her gentle arms, whispering sweet love to me.
She said the day was fading and she would have to fly away
But I held her close and clipped her wings, now on earth with me she`ll stay

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Adventures in Dreamland by Sonia Perkins

My child as you lie asleep, I wonder about your dreams.
Are they good or are they ...Bad?
Or are they about the day you had?
Or what you will become when you're up and grown?
My little one rest and dream peacefully.
So tomorrow when you rise
You can tell me of your adventures in dreamland.

Run Away by Emily Scharr

Run away,
Far away,
Hide in the field,
Stay in the field,
Wonder about him.

He will come,
Ineed him to come,
Hewill find me,
He misses me,
We will be together.

At last together,
Forever together,
Hold me close,
Our hearts so close,
We lay and watch the sky.

Everything is good,
The night is good,
The sky then shatters,
The night shatters,
The morning arises.

The dream is over,
The excitement is over,
It was only a dream,
A wonderous dream,
I wish it were only true.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Just Want Some Contact by Charles Delaney

Just want some contact,
But you're not like that.
You know its only miles
To take me to your smile.
You'll be busy
And I will be missing.
Won't speak for weeks
The distance will keep.
Only meet prepared,
Once my mind's like a fair;
An impromptu meeting;
An off beat greeting;
Are train tickets worth it,
To leave like deserted?

I guess I don't know,
As they say time will tell.
But for now, farewell;
Just ...
Just give me a bell?

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Roses Are Red by Naomi

A slightly different take on the friendship and relationships theme I guess!!


Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I'm in love ...
But not with you.

You hurt my feelings,
You made me cry.
Now I'm in love
With another guy

You said that you loved me,
But that wasn't true ...
Guess what bitch?
I played you too!

Monday, 5 May 2008

We Go Together by Rachel Padell

We go together, like salt and pepper.
We stay by each other, like bread and butter.
But then, when we're apart, there goes my heart.
Why can't you see? You’re the one for me?
What must I do so you stay true?
I thought you were my hero, now I feel like you're zero!
I thought you were the one and now I am done.
Now you won't talk, and I feel lost.
Why can't you see? You’re the one for me?
What must I do so you stay true?

Monday, 28 April 2008

My Aybss by Nina Ward

The knife goes in deep,
But the blood oozes out slowly.
Though there is love and comfort,
My wounds of loss will never heal.

I see no light on the path ahead of me,
Just an eternal night.
I can't let go of my memories,
'Cause they stick vividly in my mind.

So when I give up,
Living in pain and grief.
I will fall into my abyss,
And die.

Monday, 14 April 2008

If I Was To Say No! by Hector Cuatepotzo

Would you ask me why?
Or would you ignore me
And admit that I was right?

Then why would you come into my world
And tear it apart?
Don't you care or feel at least a little bad?

You know I like you,
Yet you play with me!
Why don't you ignore me and let me be?

Now you must suffer and watch me cry!
I'm not a little kid, but I cry for you!
Like a kid that wants his piece of pie!

You yell, ask, and demand, from me!
And all I do is get on my knees!
They call me mandilon!

But baby! For you I'll be more than just a toy!

But ........ this will never happen.....

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Poems by Carissa Merritt

Try So Hard

I try so hard to make this work
But I am the one who always gets hurt.
So if you love her more than me
Please just leave.
If by chance this love was meant to be
Then fate will bring you back to me.

Never Forget

You see I had someone before we met
But I want you to know it's you I will never forget.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Where Was God? by Bill Randle

Where was God on that day when the storm-troopers came
When they rampaged and goose-stepped all through the town?
Did He turn a blind eye when they spat on his name,
When they cheered as they burned all the synagogues down?

When the twisted black cross on the banners unfurled
Black symbol of evil, cruel emblem of hate,
Did God hear the message it sent to the world,
That freedom was crushed by the power of the State?

Where was God on that night when they they smashed all the glass
In the shops where his star had been splattered with shame?
Did he stand on one side for the brown-shirts to pass
On their way to destroy all those books in the flame?

Where was God when they knocked on the door in the night,
With their black leather shrouds and their arrogant sneer?
Did he bury his head? Did he hide from their sight,
When whole families taken would just disappear?

In the ghettos they starved and they froze and they died.
Did God see the soldiers beating them there?
Did He comfort the sick and the children who cried?
Did He reach out to them in their blackest despair?

When the cattle trucks clattered their way to the camps
With their cargo of humans crammed in like sheep
When all hope of freedom died there on those ramps
As they clambered aboard then, was God fast asleep?

They were beaten and cursed and abused to their deaths
By the guards with their "orders" and duty to do.
As they stifled their pain, as they drew their last breaths
Did God see it all? Did he suffer there, too?

Where was God ,oh where, in those dreadful dark hours
When they lined them all up and they stripped them all bare?
When the cyanide fell from those satanic showers
As they writhed and they choked was God with them there.

Just above in the flowers a small orchestra played
To muffle the screams from the chamber below.
Did God hear them scream as the dark chimneys sprayed
Their clouds of white ashes which settled like snow?

Did God weigh the gold from the teeth put in store
Or count all the spectacles,coats, hats and shoes
While the flames in the ovens continued to roar
As the "final solution" got rid of those Jews?

Where was God in that genocide’s evil design?
Where was God as they cried out in pain and despair?
Where was He? Why didn’t he show them a sign,
As the state snuffed them out - O God,did you care?

Where was God as the holocaust took them to die?
Six million and more asked again and again.
God was there all along and he waited close by
But mankind, who he loved,had abandoned him then.

Copyright © January 1999 W.F.Randle

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Why Me? by Hector Cuatepotzo

You tell me you miss me, and you don't call.
You tell me you like me , and you don't really care.
When I talk to you, I stutter, and I mumble
And I wonder; Why ME?

You had a man and you left him, you found me!
And told me, "I like you!" but ...
But, but is where you left me; didn't answer
And, didn't wonder, if you hurt me!

Now, you come into my life and
You tell me you miss me, and you don't call;
You tell me you like me , and you don't really care;
When I talk to you, I stutter and I mumble
And I wonder; Why ME?

I'm confused! And you know that!
Now I wonder if you're playing a game!
I know you don't miss me, and I know you won't call
I know you don't like me, and I know you don't care!
So why do you call me, and make me wonder,
if this is all a game?

You tell me you miss me and you don't call
You tell me you like me and you don't really care.
When I talk to you I stutter and I mumble,
And I wonder, Why ME?

Copyright © 2004 hector cuatepotzo, logistic styles

Monday, 31 March 2008

Ultradia (A Sestina) by Milly

You stare hard but the sky is always cold.
Follow the road. It might be dark, always dark.
Follow it, follow it so far past the stars
That you cannot see home. You are unstable.
God has forsaken you and nobody loves you.
God no longer helps you. Leave the windowsill.

Your wrists are still bleeding, staining that windowsill.
Too bad you didn't jump, now you're feeling cold.
Crimson vision. Won't they see this waterfall? See you?
Trickles past the window but all is dark.
Everyone is gone. Loving and living under the stars.
No one can hear you cry. Dizzy. Unstable.

Rocking and shaking, your own foundations unstable.
Time does not pass. Glass broken on that windowsill.
Tiny shards stuck in shreds of flesh like stars.
Biting wind tonight. You won't miss the cold.
You cannot cope. You are weak. You crave dark.
Coping is for the weak and darkness craves you.

Do you have any regrets? Well do you?
Answer me now or I’ll leave you unstable.
I’ll leave you facing this alone in the dark.
Fearing the other side, sitting alone on this windowsill.
You bared your soul, all that’s left is cold.
Empty and hollow now. No one watching but stars.

Their judgement seeks you, defines you; those watching stars.
The final witnesses. Whatever you wanted they denied you.
Wishing never worked, all they are is cold.
How naive, believing in wishes. Easy wishes are unstable.
Begging the skies for help from every windowsill.
Believing those lies once saved you from the dark.

You seek sweet oblivion in that all encompassing dark.
The end is coming now, heading for the stars.
Feeling weightless now, still sitting on that windowsill.
This feeling takes you, this feeling engulfs you.
It's a fractured mind you inhabit, ultradian, unstable.
You can't take this anymore. Everything is cold.

They are cold and so dark,
Those watching stars make you unstable.
They watch you from your windowsill.

Once Upon a Time by Bee

Once upon a time,
When love existed between two
You know I loved you.

As I watched the clouds in the sky,
Thinking of you as the day drifted by,
I could have taken your hand
and pretended I could fly.

Like there was no tomorrow,
She held you,
Drawn together,
Laughing forever
At those pictures of our faces;
Could make a monkey laugh at the zoo!

Keeping the heart warm,
Her search for love is complete:
Her heart has been fulfilled.

He was sleeping
She was dreaming
That the feeling,
Would last forever;

And a day.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Year After by Tri Tran

I, an eagle, gliding in the succulent air,
Seeking the golden flame in my homeland.

Each amber lily, born to welcome me home,
Each rose bud, yet to unfold, yearns to kiss my cheek;

I, an eagle, long to treasure the dry blood of the warriors.
Now, that the war is over, each innocent soul is buried,

Each melodious heartbeat can roar with sparkling joy.
I, an eagle, yearn to see Vietnam dance her first Tango.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Life Passages by Robert Branch

An ache implies the passing of time.
My memories reply to this symptom of mine.
In my book of life I scan over the pages
And review in my head the various stages

A child in its nappy, mewling and spewing.
Mothers and friends all billing and cooing.
Childlike simplicity, uncluttered, uncaring.
Its way in the world – a life for the sharing

A spreading of wings, a testing of wills,
More sleepless nights with the same childhood ills.
More scabby knees, more broken bones,
More telling off in those world weary tones

Adolescent arrogance, the knowing it all,
The hesitant fumblings, the pride before fall,
The awareness of person, the coming of age,
The richness of youth on a well trodden stage

Careers mastered, discarded, the journey of life,
The settling down, a husband, a wife.
The addition of children, the future’s sublime,
You’re glad you’re alive in this place and this time

Mountains are conquered, the world’s at your feet,
Advancement, enjoyment, life becomes sweet
Until dawning one morning, a worrying thought
Dispels immortality, pulls you up short;

That time ambles on at its own steady pace,
Its journey revealed in the lines on your face,
The stiffness of sinew, the clicking of bone,
The slacking of muscle, the loss of skin tone.

There’s a coming to terms with intransigent fate,
A getting up early, a staying up late.
But, given the chance, I would do it again.
The what and the why, the who where and when.

Looking back on my life I have few regrets.
The scales will be balanced, a settling of debts.
And each morning brings joy in just being alive
But one morning nearer the man with the scythe.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Poems by Pop

A Crybaby's Riddle

Liquefied, it burns my eyes,
Smears my makeup,
Stains my face,
Happens when I'm sad,
Or when I'm so mad
I break all in the form of tear drops


I Hate Math

Complex numbers in my head,
I want to go home and go to bed.
Oh my gosh! I am so bored!
Imaginary numbers,
Subtraction and way much more!
I know it looks like I guess,
But I swear I try my best!
I can't help that I fail a lot of tests!
I hate math! It's my worst subject!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Feelings Dead, Feelings Alive by Vincent Tomaino

Feelings dead, feelings alive.
On love and hate these people thrive.
Tears of dismay, tears of sorrow
Bad today, and worse tomorrow.
Cries of joy, cries of sadness,
Love will breed hate and madness.
Bringing hopes of joyful construction
When love itself is mental destruction.
So many faces, smiling so near
Deep inside is corroding fear
Of the one you “love” starting to cheat
For life to say you have been beat.
People so happy, feelings so potent.
While deprivation chews away like a rodent.
Staying to watch the destroying sight
While you wait alone like the dead of night.
And into the void you shall venture
To find the “love” you seek,
Well, what now?
Brace yourself for what is true
The pursuit of “love” will leave you blue.
And as you hang your head in shame
Others do exactly the same
When they find out that they have failed
Just like so many of us, the unfortunate ones.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Leave Me Be by Debra Dando

The lights are off although I'm home,
I need to be here on my own.
I do not want support or sympathy.
I do not want kind words or empathy.
I need to work through this alone -
Just stay away and please don't phone!
When I emerge the other side
I will no longer need to hide.
I will have sorted out my head,
My heart will then have fully bled.
Then I'll welcome your good company -
I'll have faced up to reality.
I'll be a much stronger me.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Searching for Freedom by Tri n Tran

Every so often a really poignant and heart-rending poem is submitted.

This is one of those. I make no apology for posting it on this page as sometimes, being brought face to face with the harsher realities of life is a timely wake-up call to help those who are vulnerable and have suffered, indeed still suffer at the hands of those who should know better ...

A very brave piece of writing.



Searching for Freedom by Tri n Tran

Oh my sirs, I 'm only thirteen!
So young and innocent,I know nothing.
My nights, starless and my days, black ink;
Sprawl on my bed, clueless,
I taste the salt and no sugar;
So beautiful and powerless,
I, your queen of diamond,
Priceless and rejected,
My heart, shattered like a mirror.
I dream of the sky,
Cyan and calm like the ocean,
I long to feel the winter moon,
But hands tied and body, strapped.
So pretty like a Lillie,
Now, torn into pieces and wingless.
So naive and tearful,
Please sirs, don't break my virginity!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Will He remember Me? by Andrieka

Death is drawing near, I can hear you crying.
But you cannot stop its approach.
Death is coming faster now, like a long, loud train
That only I can see and hear.
Please don't cry my friend,
I am going soon but we will meet again.
Death is close at hand, please hold me my friend.
Death is but a foot step away, I will miss you my friend.
A loud noise then all is quiet ...
I can hear no more because death has arrived.
My friend stands up and carries on without me.
Will he remember me?

Friday, 22 February 2008

sHaLl wE DaNcE by Ushna Sardar

sHaLl wE DaNcE?

Close your eyes,
And hold my hand.
Feel my breath,
And get close.

How do you feel?
Does it mesmerize?
Could you feel the magic of that moment?
Could you hear the voice of my heart?
Could you hear?
What it says?
Is it love?
Did you hear the whisper of the moment?
Did you hear?(what it said?)
I’m feeling the magic of love,
I’m listening to your heart beating.
Let me put down my head on your shoulder,
Let me feel the magic of that moment!
Let me feel the touch.
Don’t you feel that love is all around?
Let me see in your eyes.
Let me say,
Shall we dance?

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Passing Glance by Debra Dando

You touched my soul as I passed by,
With that momentary glance from your eyes.
As if connected long ago,
As if we'd missed each other so.
I wonder if you felt as I,
Or if I merely fantasized?
Perhaps our paths had crossed before -
Perhaps we should have lingered more,
Or, maybe, you didn't even realise
How you touched my soul as I passed by.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Poems by Flavia Mayara Silva


It's not easy to know what was true:
For me and for you; for us.
My age, my life; and rules?
But I guess it's what I feel.
But not what I felt.

I felt and heard and saw and heard.
I heard you:
I heard you; now you hear me!
Us two: you and me.
I'll hear you too.

I felt so confused.
Who am I?
Me who?
I loved every little detail of you;
Being loved by you.

But that's in the past.
Me and you forever it would have been.
I thought we would last.
But you're just my past.
You would have of been part of me.

You are still part of me.
As, deeply-secretly,
I am part of you.

Maybe sometimes you didn't want to be part of me.
And I often didn't want to be part of you.
Were we?
It was all so true!
I learn from you as you learned from me.

I guess it was the age diffference.
You tried to make out I was so immature.
But I thought you wrong.
I taught you more then you will ever know!
Just perhaps, deeply-secretly.

It's over.


I realized today
That being thankful
For what you have
Is important.

I am thankful that I am able to see,
Because to see is the gift of seeing.
And without that I wouldn't know my colours;
I wouldn't be able to see a sunset.

I am thankful that I am able to talk,
Because to talk is the gift of speaking.
And without that I would have a write
To prove a point, or defend myself, or to communicate.

I am thankful that I am able to hear,
Because to hear is the gift of hearing.
And without that there would be
No music or stories to hear.

And I feel for those
Who are not able.
Because not being able is to not be able
But to be thankful for every other thing you have.

Monday, 18 February 2008

More Poems by Debra Dando

Wasted Day

Well, should I stay or should I go?
How could they have forgotten!
I played my part, I stayed at home -
How could they be so rotten?
They promised faithfully they would come -
Choices made, down-payment done.
Why not complete their obligation?
Why me and not some other patron?
All day inside with clock I've waited,
Hound at heel to be placated
And really now, 'tis way past four -
No ring of bell or knock at door.
Well, wasted hours no more I'll spend!
Outside with dog and crook I wend.
Through dappled sunshine under trees,
Warming the senses with such ease -
Freedom in the calming breeze.
Up top we go and back once more -
What's that I spy pushed through the door?
How could they infuriate me more?
"Will re-try tomorrow twixt ten and four"!


Visitors to My Lane

The riding school trots down the lane -
Later they'll trot back again.
Riders oblivious to the rain,
Horses trotting in a train.

Cyclists just don't want to stop
Until they reach the very top -
Then, goals achieved, with empty bottle
Back down again they come full throttle.

Hikers with their maps walk by
New trendy poles - far too high -
Walking shoes all new and clean -
Local pub - that's where they've been!

School children on their forest walk,
Teachers with their nature talk.
On return the children chatter,
Tutors then just listen, shattered.

Good humoured people in the main -
Some stop to pass the time of day
Before continuing on their way
But I am lucky; I can stay.

For when tranquility surrounds,
Pheasants, squirrels and deer abound
And, in the darkness, owls call out
Whilst nocturnal creatures scurry about.


Peace Offering

After all these years,
Is it possible to forget the tears,
And start again -
Forgetting past pain?
Let us try.
So much time has gone by
Decades missed together -
Let us never say
We did not try.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Run Away Feeling by Ruinna Stone

A runaway feeling
Invades my heart.
If I lose control;
If I let go;
A distant emotion
Takes hold of my soul.
If I become too weak
And I let you in

Its a runaway feeling
That creeps through me.
If I see you
It overtakes me,
Though there is no use.
I'll bear it until is chooses to go,
And I'll know when it hurts no more

Thursday, 14 February 2008

I Open My Eyes by Joseph Escamilla

I open my eyes and look at the time,
And I think of you in my mind.
I have comitted a crime!
I have not loved anyone
As much as I love you now.
The truth must be said
That I am dying of running
Through your mind:
I am dead,
And you're an angel
That takes me away now;
One last breath
To take for all the rest.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Eerie Tale by Debra Dando

My grandmother told me a strange tale -
It un-nerved me, and her as well.
Whilst in her kitch with dishes piled
Her friend passed by and waved and smiled.
She made nothing of this at the time
Until later, when told her friend had died.
"But that can't be!" my grandma exclaimed;
And told of how her friend had waved.
Eerily strange, it does imply
Her friend had come to say goodbye!

Copyright © Debra Dando 2008 (a true story)

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Did You Feel Proud? by Michelle

Did you feel proud as you walked away?
Left me standing with everything you didn't say.
You broke it all, every last part,
Now deep inside lies my broken heart.

When you left you took my pride,
Taking my happiness with every stride.
I promised myself I wouldn't cry,
But just like us, that promise died.

A year has passed since that day,
With you on my mind, always.
I can't think about you without shame,
I know why you left, I'm to blame.

I'm not pretty and I'm not thin,
I'm not confident and I never win.
Why would you want to be with someone like me?
Now all I want is to be set free.

Free from this life and this heavy ache,
Free from the heart that you just had to break.
Before I'm gone, there's just one last thing I want you to know:
I love you with all my heart, but you made me go.

Monday, 28 January 2008

While You Were Away! by Ushna Sardar

See the canvas without picture,
See the door without walls.
See the eyes that were without life,
See the life that was without soul!
I see the crying soul downstairs,
I see myself walking into the rain!

I heard the words that you never spoke;
I felt the love that was in your eyes!
I saw the world there; I wasn't alone.
I saw the picture there; we were alone!
I saw the world in your eyes!
I saw the destiny.

I saw the dream and there's no fear.
I saw colour that was so real.

Say again that I'm all yours!
Say those words never spoken before!

I can read them all,
Whether you speak them or not!
I can read your eyes!
I can read your soul!
I won't pretend I never loved you!
Won't deny I was all yours!

But you don't say that in your heart;
You don't speak the words of love.
I saw the world that's empty while you're away!
I saw the picture that lost colour without you!
I won't lie, that's the truth: I love you!
And I can't live without you!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

I Can't Survive Without You by Mishaal Sardar

Oh my love!
You are my heart,
You are my soul.
You are my destiny.
You are my obsession.
You are my passion of the love.
You are the reason I breathe.
You are the air I'm breathing for you.
Maybe you think you aren't right for me?
Well, I want to tell you, straight from my heart,
You are the only one for me!

You are my reason:
The reason to alive,
The reason I survive.
I can't survive without you!
You are always on my mind.
You are my only one dream.
You are my only one desire.
You are my only one wish.
You are my prayers.
Say the words and no matter how far,
I'll be where you are.
My love is more than words for thee.
Just one thing I wanna say to you;
I can't survive without you!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

I Ask You Why by Shelby Crees

I ask you why you took a stand,
You kissed me goodnight, and why you held my hand?
The short moments each bright clear night,
We spent together, not caring if it was right.

I never cared if someone found out,
But it always seemed that was all you thought about.
I ask you why you took a stand,
You kissed me goodnight, and why you held me hand?

My friends would ask, "Are you two dating?"
I never knew, I was always waiting.
Waiting for you to show me a sign,
Waiting for you to say,"You're Mine!"

Again, I ask you, "Why?" Why you took a stand?
Why you kissed me goodnight, and why you held my hand?
Walking on by in a crowded place,
I avoided you, so you didn't see the tears fall down my face.

Alone on this track, I wonder if it was right.
I wonder if you were worth this great fight.
Once again, "Why?" Why did you take a stand?
Why did you kiss me goodnight? Why did you hold me hand?

Is it finished, I never wanted it to be.
But the choice is yours, "You Tell Me."

The Sorrowers Song by Courtney Hughes

The house creaking
Her unchained melody.
The leaky pipes, swept
Clean of decay.

She sits alone, quiet
Stalking the restless thoughts of destruction.
She wonders, how did I get here.
One last time she whispers,

The words flow off her
Frail lips.
The sound of that creaking house
And the unchained melody.

10 Cents a Day by Joshua Robinson

Restless mind thinking, "What I should say?"
Poor people that have nothing and want to play,
But are never in the mood,
Because shortness of food.

Want to go to school and get an education,
But need your help; suffering from starvation
They will do anything to have parents that love them;
Crying, needing someone to hug them.

But trapped in their country,
All they need is someone to pray,
And all they ask for
Is 10 cents a day.

Your Smile by Tyson Lee

The sight of seeing you smile
Gives me the power to walk 1000 miles.

The warmth from your loving arms
Gives me the feeling which feels no harm.

The way you whisper in my ears
Gives me the strength to face all my fears.

The loving and caring from your touch
Gives me the thoughts which makes me miss you so much.

A ½ Dozen by Sofia McGee

A ½ dozen roses
Every time I get hurt;
A ½ dozen smiles
Buried in dirt.
A ½ dozen clouds
Cover my heart;
A ½ dozen rain drops
Tear me apart.
A ½ dozen black
Holes cloud my soul.
A ½ dozen temptations
I cannot hold.
A ½ dozen razors
Slice at my wrist ...

"and later"

A ½ dozen maggots fest
On my pits!

You Can Find Love by Hubert Maxwell

You can want love,
You can try love,
But you can't make true love.

You can't see love,
You can't taste love,
You can't push love
But you can feel true love.

You can want love,
You can play love,
You can say love,
But you can't rush true love.

You can't hurt love,
You can't force love,
You can't live love,
Buy you can trust true love.

Everybody can find real love;
But everybody can't have true love.

Insect by Richard James

I give all that I am,
Still I am nothing.
Should I hold my head high
And act like I'm something?

I've lied to myself
Just to kill this torment,
I've bled these two wrists
'Cause life came and it went.

I hold this all in
Just to keep calm and quiet.
I do not belong
'Cause this life I defy it.

No one will judge me
'Cause I'm just an insect.
Please just don't listen
'Cause these words will just infect.

I cannot erase this face
That I frown.
You cannot forgive me
'Cause I can't be found.

Beauty by Rebecca Heffernan

Walking through the park I see
Rich green grass and kids being free.
Playing ball and talking to friends,
Playing games and having fun to no end.

The sky is blue and the air is fresh.
The view of the sea makes you sit down to rest
On a bench, I gather my thoughts
Sounds of dogs barking, chasing sticks and balls.

The flowers so beautiful with colours so bright;
All the colours of the rainbow, what a sight!
People ride bikes, walk their babies in prams,
Teams playing football, school kids in gangs.

Birds flying and singing, some nest in the trees.
The senior citizens play bowls on the green.
The sounds of laughter, quarrels and strife
Don’t take it for granted, it’s the beauty of life. 2007

Love by Serenity

I dream about you, love;
I feel you all around me.
You're as beautiful as a dove.
Come and set me free.

SUgAr by Michelle Marr

SUgAr’s so sweet, it’s like powdered honey,
The bees who produce it know it’s all about money.
It lures us in and gets a grip on our mind,
Family and friends, they’re all left behind

We give up our lives and sell out our soul,
Just one more bag and then we’ll take control.
Pay off the bills and try to keep some pride,
But the hunger starts to eat us up deep down inside

Before we know it, the weekend’s upon us
Just one more bag: call it a bonus!
Promise yourself that by Monday it’s gone.
Life can be lonely, but you know it goes on

In the blink of an eye and the flap of a wing,
It’s Friday again and the SUgAr is King.
Take me away and make me Queen of your world;
By Monday I’ll own it and won’t come unfurled

I’ll stick by my promises and get myself clean,
But by the weekend you’ll still follow its sheen
You’ll try to resist it and you’ll try to pretend
The fluffy white SUgAr won’t signal your end

We all lose our focus at one stage in time,
The bees making honey still know it’s a crime.
You cannot resist it and you can’t say no,
The powder keeps falling, like sweet white snow

Got so many questions, you think it will resolve;
But all SUgAr will do, is help the brain cells dissolve.
Morning comes, your head hurts and your nose is bleeding;
The SUgAr’s still sweet and it keeps on feeding.

The stand off is on and the struggle's begun,
Just one weekend and you think the battles been won.
Then the buzzer sounds, there’s a friend at your door;
But the friend is a pimp and the SUgAr’s his whore…

At Dawn by Tri Tran

Roses dangle and weightless in the air,
Like feathers hovering above the cyan sea.
Await for the lavender sun to bloom
From beneath the mountains that are sleeping.
Each whispering heart beat hums love melodies
To wake the baby sparrows and their parents.
Each emerald leaf sways to the music of spring
As the happy breeze whizzes by, wiping away woe.
Roses dangle in endless bliss in my soul,
I, a poet, strolling into the zenith of dreams,
Yearning to smell the droplets of honey.

Why Did You Do This to Me? by Tifany

I thought u loved me,
But it turned out
That u liked another girl!
I walk in the hallway
Talking to another girl.
My eyes filled with tears
It seems u don't really care.
My life and my heart
Are breaking into pieces

True love by Cassie Salley

True love is an undying love,
A love so deep and so true, you know, without a doubt,
No one else could ever make you feel as happy as they do.
They complete you.

True love is when you stay up all night,
Waiting for the phone to ring, hoping that it's them.
And when it does ring, your heart skips a beat,
Unsure whether or not it's his voice you'll hear on the other end.

If it is him...
You're so happy, there are no words to describe how happy you are.
You don't even notice that your puppy is chewing a hole right through your new tennis shoes!
All you care about is being on that phone, talking to him, and hearing his sweet voice...
The sound of it makes you smile,

And even though it drove you completely insane
Waiting for him to call.
You would go through the insanity a million times more just to feel the butterflies
When you discovered that it was him.

If it isn't him...
Your heart sinks,
Your eyes swell up and become real hot with tears;
You feel as if the whole world is spinning around you
And you can't do anything to stop it.

You mope around the house in your pyjamas,
Missing him more than anyone could know.
(even if you did see him only 2 hours ago)

You cant sleep.
You stay up all night waiting by the phone,
Praying for him to call.

True love is when he's all that you can think about.
24/7, day and night.
At school, at home doing the dishes, in the car on your way to get groceries.
He's the first thing you think of when you wake up.
He's in your every prayers,
And in all of your dreams.

True love is when you can picture yourself
Spending the rest of your life with that person.
True love is when you want to spend
The rest of your life with that person.

Just the thought of being with anyone else
Makes your life seem pointless.
You want no one else but him.
He's your best friend.

True love is spending hours together...
Just holding each other...
Without a single word being said;
Still having the most romantic and intimate moments
You've ever had in your life.

You know its true love when you can be yourself around them,
You know that you can be silly and goofy and crazy and ditzy.
And he'll still love you, because he loves you for you,
And not the person you sometimes strive to be to impress him.

True love is when you would do absolutely anything in the world
Just to make him happy.
Even if that meant you and him
Weren't together.

True love is when there's nothing in the world
That could ever keep you from being with him:
You would travel across the globe,
Sail across the ocean through raging storms,
And if it came down to it, you would die for him.

True love doesn't last a month or two, not even a year,
It isn't just some high school fling.
True love lasts forever,
No matter what life might bring.

True love never dies.

To the man of my life and my true love ... Cody

I love you with all of my heart,

Love, Cas

Fantasy by Natalie campbell

Last night I had a fantasy-
A fantasy of me and you.
It seemed so incredibly real,
I almost thought it was true.

We were walking along the ocean shore,
And the wind blew against my face.
Slowly you put your arms around me,
Next, I was wrapped in your embrace.

I turned around and looked at you,
My soul got lost in your eyes.
We just stood there by the ocean
Underneath the velvet sky.

You led me to a dock and there we sat.
We talked and talked, and giggled, and laughed.
Then you just stared at me and whispered in my ear,
"I love you..." was that it? It's something I've longed to hear.

The world felt like it had stopped moving,
And we were all by ourselves.
But suddenly I got dizzy all over
Just as the clock struck twelve.

My body shivered and I felt nothing but afraid and fright.
Where am I...? I wondered, all alone in my room at night.
I wish those moments would go on, or maybe even become a part of reality.
Yet, I know that will never happen, 'cause it is all just a fantasy.

The Love We Had is History by 'Giggles'

The love we had is history,
The memories of you and me
Will always be in my heart,
For now we are better off apart.

This isn't what I want to do,
My body, my mind still loves you.
My heart and soul will feel the pain
Every time I hear your name.

I really and truly did love you;
But your love for me was so untrue.
Maybe one day you'll feel this pain,
You'll get your heart broken and your life will change.

So this what I have to say to you:
Call me when you're ready;
Ready to be true because no matter what
I'll be in love with you.

But for now I can't go on living in your lie;
So for now I love you, but goodbye!

Poems by Suvarna

Season Flowers

Look at the flowers in the Springtime;
I wonder how they are made?
With each petal glowing,
Brightly they are laid!

Look at the flowers in the Summer;
I wonder how they lie?
With hot sun above them shining bright,
The flowers all become dry!

Look at the flowers in the Autumn time;
I wonder why they fall?
I only see in my garden,
Trees which grow so tall!

Look at the flowers in the Winter;
I wonder how they get chilled?
I smell some flowers,of course!
Rest of them get chilled!!


Man's Greed

Oh! When will man's demand come to an end?
Why does he ask for more?
When He has given
All that is reserved for!
Yet,not satisfied, his greed proven!!

When a toddler,he thinks
To become aged, at once.
At a young age, he aspires
To become the head of his house.

Becoming the master, he settles down.
Wishes to have an heir of his own!
Bestowed with one, he asks for another
What a pity! He recognizes!!

Then comes the time,
He craves for money!
By hook or by crook
Will turn to get this honey.

A man's desire can never be fulfilled
To his satisfaction!
No matter what, will increase with time
And age, this action.

Oh! When will man's demand come to an end?


My Wish

The clouds wander in the sky,
As little balls of snow.
They attract me, I don't know why;
With their every bit of glow!

I fancy they call me,
Up there to the sky.
I wish I could go
And happily lie!

And roam about all day,
As they do, happy and gay.
All summer I lay,
With thoughts on my way!

But then I thought and sighed,
"Oh! how will I go?"
It's too far away.
And I watched the clouds again,
From the earth where I stay!!

Poems by Cassandra

It's Him

It's him that starts my day,
It's him that blows me away.
It's him that makes me laugh,
It's him that is my other half.
It's him that I can talk to,
It's him that says, "I love you."
It's him that made me cry,
It's him that knows the reason why.
It's him that broke my heart,
It's him that tore me apart.
It's him that went back out with me,
It's him that says we are meant to be.
It's him that says were goin' to be together forever,
It's him that says, "I'll leave you never."
It's him that says, "I'm thinking of you."
It's him that says, "I wish you knew."
It's him that says, "I would never lie."
It's me that says, "If I lose you I will die."


The Kiss

He asked for a quick one, so that's what he got.
If he would have asked for a long one, I would of taken a shot.
If he wanted to take it further and do a make-out session,
I would have gone the whole nine yards and taught him a lesson.
If he wants to start over and make this kiss better,
Maybe he should write me, a note or maybe even a letter,
And tell me how this kiss didn't work out, it was not true,
And that he wants to start over and sign it with "I love you"

Poems by Robin Donaldson

Being Hurt and Not Understanding Why

Being hurt by someone who
You thought loved you,
Is hard to get over.

Knowing that the person you love
Is in love with someone else,
Is very hurtful.

Waiting and putting your life on hold
Until this person decides they want you,
Is stupid.

Hearing that person's voice or hearing someone
Bring that person's name up and you want them back,
Is okay.

And being in love with that same person
Is wonderful.

When you are hurt
And there are lots of feelings
That you don't understand.
And you don't know why
You still feel this way
About a person
Who doesn't even
Want anything
To do with you.

Well, suck it up
'Cause that's life
And that's how
Some people are
And the only thing
You can do is
Try to stay away
From people
Like that.

Now they are going to be hard to spot at first;
That's how people are.
But you will know when you do something wrong,
Or you don't have anything to give:
Then it's over.

But don't give up
And don't give in,
'Cause life goes on
And the world is
Getting harder.
So get prepared for
What's coming up
You know.


Being in love

Being in love is a beautiful thing
'Cause when you are in love
Everything that was hard at one point,
Is easy.
And everything that seems so wrong,
Feels so right ...
When you are in love.

Now there is a difference
Between loving someone
And being in love with that person.

When you are in love with that person,
Just by thinking about them
Brings happy tears to your eyes;
And every time you hear their name
You get chills;
And every time you see their face
You know that they are the one,
And that there is no one else
Out there for you.

Now, when you find the love that's right,
At that moment you know
That you are in love.
Keep it, 'cause there is nothing more than
Being in love.

Poems by Daryl Hennix

Knocking On Heaven's Door

The Day St.Gabriel blows his horn
And the fallen arise from their graves.
When the ears of the saved will ring
In recognition;
Every nation one in the same.

When the sun shines so bright
The moon is no longer known to
Mankind and the eyes of the demons
Melt away,

No shadows to cast or caverns to explore;
Every soul stood to attention.
Sinners called from their caves to
Be held accountable for their ways,
The Wicked close to follow.

And one by one we're held accountable,
Each sin spelled word for word.
Some granted entry others only teased
At the idea, prior to facing
Their fate

When it is me who stands before Peter at the gates
Of eternity, fists clenched of past wrongdoings,
And St.Peter asks me of my heart;
Have I loved enough?
Have I let love and if I used the gifts given?

Have I sinned too much?
Made others sin, or
Stood blind to obvious wrong doings?
With no one else for me to cast blame;
No friends or family by my side

Angel eyes witness my doubt, no words,
Or muscles to move;

All I can do is plead ... Please


The Entryway

Standing at the entryway ...

Waiting for the next calm
To tame the Vodka storm.
My wandering mind
Lost in an alcoholic
Forest, bound by
Tress of bourbon and scotch,
Dripping their sweat
Onto my head;
Soaking through my
Cranium, feeding
Ideas and thoughts to
My cerebral cortex

Standing at the entryway…

Peach schnapps
Nourishes the great
Rivers and lakes I
Respectfully call my
Gin permeates the clouds,
Only to release the
Tensions onto this
Forest dwellers liver.
The fog of inebriation
Rules with an iron
Fist just beyond the
Heineken Falls.

Standing at the entryway

Is where my
Eyes are glazed
And visions often
Double team me,
Cornering me.
My legs mere strings.
Much too feeble
To gain the advantage
Over the flattest of soil.
Cirrhosis was born
As my true nemesis
Tracking me down
As its prey

Scraping away in
My miserable attempt
To escape my predator's
Clutches, I decide to
Walk through the entryway

“Hello Welcome to A.A”

Poems by Keshia


I dream of your touch while you are away,
I dream of your smile all through the day.
I remember the day you came into my life,
I dream of the day I will be your wife.
I dream of the day I can fall asleep next to you,
I dream of the day I can say, "I do."
To be your wife to be together for life,
Is a dream I have every night


What I Love about You

I love the way you look at me your eyes so bright and blue.
I love the way you kiss me your lips so soft and smooth.
I love the way you make me so happy and the way you show you care.
I love the way you say, "I love you", and you're always there.
I love the way you touch me sending me chills down my spine.
I love that you are with me and glad you are mine.

My lovely Garden by K J Louch

My lovely garden full of care,
the birds and bees they settle there.
The honey bees they work so hard,
I watch them all from my back yard.
The care they take upon them self,
They make my garden shine with health.
The birds they sing their songs all day,
They help to take my blues away
And when the evening sun goes down,
My lovely garden best around.

Confused by Ashley Bushway

When I thought my life was going good for me,
I turned around and it happened;
It happened too fast for me.

He knew he had it for six months,
But didn't want to deal with it.
He didn't tell us something was wrong
He didn't tell us because he didn't want us scared or worried

I turned around and it happened'
It happened too fast for me.

Everyday I ask myself,
"Will he be ok? Should I go to my friends house?
If I go to sleep will I wake up and fine him gone?
Should I go to school and hope he will be fine?"

I turned around and it happened,
It happened to fast for me.

I stand there and watch him drink
He chokes, He coughs, He spits.
I try to run and say everything is fine
I try to hide and say I'm safe in here.

I try to say I'm fine, but really I'm not.
I try to put a smile on my face, I can't frown.

I turned around and it happened
It happened to fast for me

All I Ever Wanted by Avion Omari

All I ever wanted was to be in your heart,
And for us to be together, and never be apart.
When you are sad, I will dry your tears
When you are scared, I will comfort your fears

No one else in the world can ever compare,
You’re perfect and so is this love that we share.
We have so much more than I ever thought we would,
I love you more than I ever thought I could.

I promise to give you all I can give;
I'll do anything for you as long as I live.
When you need love, I will share
When you are sick, I promise I will care

In your eyes I see our present, our future and past,
By the look in your eyes I know we will last.
I hope that one day you'll realize,
How perfect you are when seen in my eyes.

Now the time has gone by, in laughs and tears,
These days I will remember, for years and years.
Those memories we have, will never fade,
Because these are the steps that we have made.

But that was the past, the future is near,
And I just can't wait, for what will appear.
I'll take care of you and treat you right
I'll lay by your side even when we fight

The dreams I have, that all involve you,
The chances I see and everything we can do.
I could go on for days, telling you what I feel,
But all you have to know is my love for you is real.

We're Here by Krissie Honey

Our thoughts will be there for you as you sit and reminisce,
Thinking of all the good times you will surely miss.
If you need someone to talk to or you're having a bad day,
Just remember that your friends are only a phone call away.

Your heart has never hurt so much, your tears don't seem to end,
I promise you one day they will and your heart will start to mend.
Just remember on the bad days when you are feeling blue,
Your loving friends and family are always there for you.

Full Of Love by Chelsea Walker

There's no one quite like you.
You're the one I love,
The one I want to touch.
I give you my heart,
And I need you so much,
Offer me your sweet careness;
Fill me with your wonderful light;
Soothe my aching heart;
And hold me through the night.
The mere sound of your voice
Summons deep emotions within.
Like an old familiar song
Like the comfort of a best friend.
When you're near,
I'm lost to thoughts of love
As you touch me with
A magic that's as grand as a stars above.
I want to hold your hand.
I hunger for your kiss.
Offer me sweet tidings
Of true love's tender bliss.
I promise our love shall soar,
Carried on the wings of a dove.
So give me your heart , and
Bless me with your love.

Happy Birthday Master by Peter Dornan

The first time I’ve missed your Birthday,
In sixteen years,
I’ll be there in spirit,
So don’t shed tears.

In my grand old years,
I couldn’t run,
But before that John,
we had some fun!

I bet you didn’t know,
That I could write prose,
I love my remembrance corner,
And location you chose.

This year John,
No scratching at the door,
I know you won’t miss,
My constant loud snore?

My problems ‘Down Below’,
It must have made you blush,
You’d rather I was chasing,
That kitchen sweeping brush!

From time to time, I rubbed your legs,
I only meant to pester,
I’ll miss those walks to the shop,
To collect your daily paper!

I was happy and loved,
Fed well, no dregs,
But the old Arthritis,
Attacked my hind legs!

You cared for me when ill,
I was strong, a bit of a Chancer,
But that dreaded day came,
With the onset of cancer!

On this birthday,
I’ll howl and howl, aloud,
A wonderful Master,
You really should be proud!

Have a great day friend,
You really were ‘The Boss’,
Happy Birthday John,
From your loving friend Chaos!

Poems by Ushna Sardar

I'm Not Gonna Tell You

I'm not gonna tell you
How much I missed you
Every single moment;
Every single day.
How moments seemed like decades
And how days become like years !
The world seems so cold;
Like a world so empty;
Like I was standing in that empty world alone!

I'm not gonna tell you!
How much I was waiting for you
How much I felt for you
How the silence of my soul is killing me, softly;
(and you're not there to save me!!)
How did I survive?
I'm not gonna tell you!
Something tumbled inside.
Nights alone ... days seems so sad.

I'm not gonna tell you
How much I love you;
How much I want you.

I'm not gonna tell you!


Moon Of My Heart

I saw the moon on the sky
With stars, it was looking so beautiful
The full moon was mesmerizing.
Night seemed so complete !

I look at the sky
And felt myself so empty all of a sudden !
I was little bit envious
(I realised that)
I found myself Incomplete !
Yeah! That's true!
I'm incomplete without you !

So come to me and complete me baby
The sky of my heart, I'm waiting for you.
I'm not gonna envy any more
Sky of my heart I'm waiting for you.
You are the moon of my heart baby.
Come to me baby and complete my sky !



It doesn't matter!
How far or near you are!
Wherever you are, my love is reserved for you.
When you come, you will see
Everything is the same.
Nothing's gonna change, ever;
'Coz distances don't matter in love!
I'm telling you
And you're gonna see one day!
That's true baby.
My heart is reserved for you!!
All my love, all my feelings,
My obsession, my passion,
My all emotions:
All reserved for you;
All, I'm gonna submit to you!


The miracle

I love you
And will do forever.

My heart is telling me,
And I know
You feel the same:
You love me!

You are not next to me though.
I can see the distance between you and me!
It seems like decade or million years!
But I know when you come to me
It all will end,
Your touch will give me the meaning of new life.

You will come to me
And Iwill never let you go.
So come to me baby !
My thirsty soul is waiting for your love;
Waiting for your touch.
Come to me.
I wanna see a miracle !!


You Are My Love My Valentine

Oh My sweetheart!
I dreamed last night and wanted to tell you;
Love is a secret between us that I can’t keep anymore.
You whisper to me te amo.
Now I wake up everyday
With this smile upon my face.
No more tears, no more pain
Cause you love me.
I can still hear your voice,
I can still feel your touch,
'Cause you love me.
You whisper ne te amo mucho
And I know I love you too.
You weremy strength when I wasn’t strong.
I can still feel
Your heart beating for me.
I can still feel the love;
I can still read your eyes
And know all the meaning of unspoken words.
I can feel
Love is in the air,
I can see love all around

You help me understand
That love is the answer to all that I am.
Let me tell you that
You are my love, my Valentine;
Te amo mucho my man.


My Heart's Collapsed

It Was Raining!
You left my hand suddenly,
And walked away.
I kept looking at you,
But you never looked back.
It was raining suddenly;
I was seeing my empty hands,
And the place where you left me.
It was raining quietly!

I saw all doors closed,
And all walls collapsed;
All of sudden ...
There’s no home!
There’s no wall!
There is no door!
There’s no more love!
You said it's all over!
You're said and done!
You're said and gone!
And I’m still standing in the rain!

It’s still raining…
Where are your arms
That could hold me tight?
Where is your love
That can protect me?
Look at me!
Can you hear me?
I need you!
I want you!
I’m nothing without you!
I can’t live without your love;
I need you!

You left me in the rain,
Without closing the door!
It was raining and ...
It’s still raining!


Love Is All

I know the way to your heart!
I know the words that
Can bring revolution into your heart’s world!
I know…
And I believe, that
Love is all.


I Know The Way

I sent you many words!
I sent you my soul!
All those unspoken words!
That are in my heart for you,
That have been there for decades ...
That I always wanted to tell you ...
But somehow couldn’t say ever!
It’s not easy to say.

I wished you could hear
What I feel for you ...
And how much I feel for you ...
'Coz words are not enough to express anything.
Words can’t express ...
There are endless words ...
An endless story...
I don’t know if you can hear,
But if you could read my eyes,
Or could hear the whispers of my soul
Then you could know.

There’s a world for you,
That has enough love to live,
Love is enough for all life: That I believe!
If you ever believe in love,
You have to come back to me,
Because I know the way of your heart.
Could you ever find the way to my heart?

Stop Pretending!

I’m not gonna tell you!"
You know the story;
You know the words;
You know the meaning:
Every single word!
You know the way I love you;
You know I'm nothing without you!

You know that everything belongs to you;
You know that everything is for you;
Stop pretending!
You see into my eyes,
You read my heart;
You know the way that I love you;
You know how much I feel for you.
Stop pretending!
You know what I mean!
You know the meaning of my unspoken words!
I’m not gonna tell you!


Everything Has A New Beginning

I realised you gone!
I realised you may not come back!
All over so suddenly!
I felt I'm standing in the world
That seems so cold!
I can feel that I am lost!
I am empty handed,
When you're gone.
I realised that time may could never be turned back!
I thought I could never get the chance again.
I felt I couldn't live without your love!
I realised I can't survive!
I felt I almost died!
I felt something come tumbling down,
And my heart beat almost end!
I was breathing slowly!
But suddenly I saw the ray of light!
I felt I'm standing in the bright.

I felt the rain upon me,
Whilst I was in the desert!
I saw your face in the dark!
And I could feel your touch;
That you could keep me alive!
I felt that we were side by side.
In the desert where I was standing alone.
But your love was there holding me tight.
I saw that I could never be lonely,
You were alongside me every single moment!

Whilst I was walking on the beach,
I looked to the distance until I could see you!
I felt that the waves may end at that point;
That we needed to back to shore!
The sun goes down at the end of the day,
But it also rises again to bring in a brand new day.
If everything can have a new beginning ...
What about us!

The Empty Home by Hazel Lessiter

The door is creaking.
The wind howling.
But no-one comes.
Dreams shattered.
A runaway child and a dead mother walk together.
Their dreams gone.
All that lies ahead is a rope.
To die is to truly be with her agian.

Your Eyes by Emory S. Ryberg

Baby, be my everything.
Baby, don't abandon me.
Don't be like them;
Don't be my end.

Baby, just close your eyes,
I can no longer bare your lies.
Why can't it just stay
The way you would always say?

Why do you tell me your dreams,
Only to shy away from my screams?
I gave you all I had,
You gave it all back.

You promised to protect me.
How could this be,
With her in your arms?
How can you keep me out of harm's
Way, when you lie keeping her warm?

Baby, just close your eyes.
I can never forget your lies.
You will always look into the night;
The wishing well has turned out the light.

Is it you by 'Baby'

I’m feeling lonely
I’m feeling blue
But now I see your face
I’m having the flu

Every time you start to think of me I sneeze
When you sit down and look at me I feel a soft cold breeze
I’m sick, what can I do?
I’m having affection and it is directed to you

Is it because of
Your eyes or your smile?
Or is it because of
Your look and your voice?
And I don’t care; all I want is to hug you

Ah, If you laugh I laugh
If you are sad I will be sad with you
When you are happy I’m too
Cause all I have and want in this world is only you

In the darkest moments
And in desperate time
When I need someone,
I always seek for you to find
I don’t don’t want anyone
I don’t want anything
All I want is you only you

You are always in my heart, you’re always there
Thank you for being with me, you’re the one who do care
You should know that our friendship will never die
I promise you because it is coming from my bottom of my heart