Tuesday, 30 September 2008

I Love You by Samantha Curtis

All my life, I've searched I've waited,
And I've hoped to find the piece of my heart
That was missing.

But, until that one beautiful summer day,
I found it.
I feel complete and whole because I found you.
My love, my soul and my body is what you are.
And if I were to lose you, there would be me no more.
My heart would be shattered,
My soul would be taken,
And my body would be destroyed.

Without you I would be dead.
And in my mind would be no more thoughts of being on this earth.
I would be no more.
My love for you has taken over me,
And I promise to always be by your side to comfort you,
To hold you and to give you everything
That you've never had.

I Love You!