Thursday, 13 November 2008

Rhapsody - A Moment in Love by Ushna Sardar

Secret thoughts;
Stolen moments;
Compassion and tenderness.
Emotions overflow
Like clouds drifted across the sky.
All I desire,
Keeps climbing higher and higher.
In your arms,
Startling revelations;
Sweet & sensational.
Startling disclosures of sweet secrets
Beyond what we thought.
Kissing passionately.
I can still vividly remember
At that moment;
Your sense of magic
Had brought me closer to you.
Snuggled up close.
Sweet surrender!
I felt and knew
That flowed through those veins.
You whispered, or he voice of an angel spoke to me.
The star travelled in disguise.
Reality locked us in memory banks;
Wishful thinking.
You are thinking of me!
'Cause I could not resist the temptation to be with you.
I’m thinking and missing you massively
In a speechless way!