Sunday, 24 February 2008

Searching for Freedom by Tri n Tran

Every so often a really poignant and heart-rending poem is submitted.

This is one of those. I make no apology for posting it on this page as sometimes, being brought face to face with the harsher realities of life is a timely wake-up call to help those who are vulnerable and have suffered, indeed still suffer at the hands of those who should know better ...

A very brave piece of writing.



Searching for Freedom by Tri n Tran

Oh my sirs, I 'm only thirteen!
So young and innocent,I know nothing.
My nights, starless and my days, black ink;
Sprawl on my bed, clueless,
I taste the salt and no sugar;
So beautiful and powerless,
I, your queen of diamond,
Priceless and rejected,
My heart, shattered like a mirror.
I dream of the sky,
Cyan and calm like the ocean,
I long to feel the winter moon,
But hands tied and body, strapped.
So pretty like a Lillie,
Now, torn into pieces and wingless.
So naive and tearful,
Please sirs, don't break my virginity!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Will He remember Me? by Andrieka

Death is drawing near, I can hear you crying.
But you cannot stop its approach.
Death is coming faster now, like a long, loud train
That only I can see and hear.
Please don't cry my friend,
I am going soon but we will meet again.
Death is close at hand, please hold me my friend.
Death is but a foot step away, I will miss you my friend.
A loud noise then all is quiet ...
I can hear no more because death has arrived.
My friend stands up and carries on without me.
Will he remember me?

Friday, 22 February 2008

sHaLl wE DaNcE by Ushna Sardar

sHaLl wE DaNcE?

Close your eyes,
And hold my hand.
Feel my breath,
And get close.

How do you feel?
Does it mesmerize?
Could you feel the magic of that moment?
Could you hear the voice of my heart?
Could you hear?
What it says?
Is it love?
Did you hear the whisper of the moment?
Did you hear?(what it said?)
I’m feeling the magic of love,
I’m listening to your heart beating.
Let me put down my head on your shoulder,
Let me feel the magic of that moment!
Let me feel the touch.
Don’t you feel that love is all around?
Let me see in your eyes.
Let me say,
Shall we dance?

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Passing Glance by Debra Dando

You touched my soul as I passed by,
With that momentary glance from your eyes.
As if connected long ago,
As if we'd missed each other so.
I wonder if you felt as I,
Or if I merely fantasized?
Perhaps our paths had crossed before -
Perhaps we should have lingered more,
Or, maybe, you didn't even realise
How you touched my soul as I passed by.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Poems by Flavia Mayara Silva


It's not easy to know what was true:
For me and for you; for us.
My age, my life; and rules?
But I guess it's what I feel.
But not what I felt.

I felt and heard and saw and heard.
I heard you:
I heard you; now you hear me!
Us two: you and me.
I'll hear you too.

I felt so confused.
Who am I?
Me who?
I loved every little detail of you;
Being loved by you.

But that's in the past.
Me and you forever it would have been.
I thought we would last.
But you're just my past.
You would have of been part of me.

You are still part of me.
As, deeply-secretly,
I am part of you.

Maybe sometimes you didn't want to be part of me.
And I often didn't want to be part of you.
Were we?
It was all so true!
I learn from you as you learned from me.

I guess it was the age diffference.
You tried to make out I was so immature.
But I thought you wrong.
I taught you more then you will ever know!
Just perhaps, deeply-secretly.

It's over.


I realized today
That being thankful
For what you have
Is important.

I am thankful that I am able to see,
Because to see is the gift of seeing.
And without that I wouldn't know my colours;
I wouldn't be able to see a sunset.

I am thankful that I am able to talk,
Because to talk is the gift of speaking.
And without that I would have a write
To prove a point, or defend myself, or to communicate.

I am thankful that I am able to hear,
Because to hear is the gift of hearing.
And without that there would be
No music or stories to hear.

And I feel for those
Who are not able.
Because not being able is to not be able
But to be thankful for every other thing you have.

Monday, 18 February 2008

More Poems by Debra Dando

Wasted Day

Well, should I stay or should I go?
How could they have forgotten!
I played my part, I stayed at home -
How could they be so rotten?
They promised faithfully they would come -
Choices made, down-payment done.
Why not complete their obligation?
Why me and not some other patron?
All day inside with clock I've waited,
Hound at heel to be placated
And really now, 'tis way past four -
No ring of bell or knock at door.
Well, wasted hours no more I'll spend!
Outside with dog and crook I wend.
Through dappled sunshine under trees,
Warming the senses with such ease -
Freedom in the calming breeze.
Up top we go and back once more -
What's that I spy pushed through the door?
How could they infuriate me more?
"Will re-try tomorrow twixt ten and four"!


Visitors to My Lane

The riding school trots down the lane -
Later they'll trot back again.
Riders oblivious to the rain,
Horses trotting in a train.

Cyclists just don't want to stop
Until they reach the very top -
Then, goals achieved, with empty bottle
Back down again they come full throttle.

Hikers with their maps walk by
New trendy poles - far too high -
Walking shoes all new and clean -
Local pub - that's where they've been!

School children on their forest walk,
Teachers with their nature talk.
On return the children chatter,
Tutors then just listen, shattered.

Good humoured people in the main -
Some stop to pass the time of day
Before continuing on their way
But I am lucky; I can stay.

For when tranquility surrounds,
Pheasants, squirrels and deer abound
And, in the darkness, owls call out
Whilst nocturnal creatures scurry about.


Peace Offering

After all these years,
Is it possible to forget the tears,
And start again -
Forgetting past pain?
Let us try.
So much time has gone by
Decades missed together -
Let us never say
We did not try.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Run Away Feeling by Ruinna Stone

A runaway feeling
Invades my heart.
If I lose control;
If I let go;
A distant emotion
Takes hold of my soul.
If I become too weak
And I let you in

Its a runaway feeling
That creeps through me.
If I see you
It overtakes me,
Though there is no use.
I'll bear it until is chooses to go,
And I'll know when it hurts no more

Thursday, 14 February 2008

I Open My Eyes by Joseph Escamilla

I open my eyes and look at the time,
And I think of you in my mind.
I have comitted a crime!
I have not loved anyone
As much as I love you now.
The truth must be said
That I am dying of running
Through your mind:
I am dead,
And you're an angel
That takes me away now;
One last breath
To take for all the rest.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Eerie Tale by Debra Dando

My grandmother told me a strange tale -
It un-nerved me, and her as well.
Whilst in her kitch with dishes piled
Her friend passed by and waved and smiled.
She made nothing of this at the time
Until later, when told her friend had died.
"But that can't be!" my grandma exclaimed;
And told of how her friend had waved.
Eerily strange, it does imply
Her friend had come to say goodbye!

Copyright © Debra Dando 2008 (a true story)